Who is Tulsi Gabbard and

Where Does She Really Stand on the Issues?

Now that Tulsi Gabbard has announced her run for President,
learn what we in Hawaii have been seeing for years:
A Congresswoman who refuses to meet with constituents (besides at carefully scripted and subsequently highly edited events), who has refused to debate all political challengers since she was first elected to Congress, whose positions on issues are contradictory and misrepresented, and who has financial support that raises questions about who she really represents.
 These are just a few of the reasons why this site -- with verifiable data about Gabbard -- was launched.

Lockheed, Alexander and Baldwin, Pro-Assad and other extremist donors

Steve Bannon, David Duke, Richard Spencer, Fox News, Breitbart, and Daily Stormer endorsements of Gabbard.

Gabbard's votes to restrict Syrian refugees and  against denouncing Assad war crimes, and her visit with and defense of Assad.

Gabbard's actions on behalf of El-Sisi, Modi, BJP, other religious extremists, and Putin.

Gabbard's views on the military, foreign policy positions, and use of uniform 


This is a volunteer run site that is not affiliated with any campaign. We simply want to provide resources for anyone who is looking for factual information about Hawaii's current 2nd District Congresswoman.

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